tangle on the turf

Location: Whitby Indoor Soccer Dome, 695 Rossland Rd. West Whitby

Cost: $235 per team.

        Most tournaments cap team size at 18...we say let the kids play!  

        Feel free to bring a larger team if you're lucky enough to have the

        interest in your school.

Format: 6 on 6 speed point   

            A ratio of 3 guys and 3 girls must be kept at all times

            (see below for more on this)  

            All teams are guaranteed 3 round robin games and 2 playoff games

            2 minute half time and 1 minute time out permitted (not in the last 5 min)

            Zone defence is permitted

Fun Stuff: Skills competition with prizes from our sponsors 

               Team Spirit Award 

              Championship t- shirts and trophy for winning team

Facilities: Brand new domes with 5 artificial turf fields  

               Outdoor cleats are permitted (no metal) 

               No snack bar at this venue, players must bring their own lunch.                NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES (other than water) are permitted in the dome 

               playing area

Schedule: Registration begins at 8:00...fields open for warm up

              Coaches meeting at 8:15 

              First game of the round robin starts at 8:30 SHARP! 

              Skills Competition 12:25- 12:45   

              Playoff Rounds begin at 12:45

              Consolation and Championship Finals at 3:00

             Awards 3:45

                        **A NOTE ABOUT GENDER PARITY**

Starting in 2020, Tangle on the TURF will move to a 3:3 gender ratio.